The Fifth Day of Christmas……

The Fifth Day of Christmas


THE FIFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME…..beautiful shapewear for my girlie figure!


From sit-ups to shapewear, we’ve got ya covered…. I seriously HAD NO IDEA there was such beautiful and effective shapewear out there to help muffintop until I started researching for my book. Whether you have lots of stuffin in your muffin, or just a bit of unsightly excess, a little shapewear goes a long way in putting the finishing touches on your figure…

There is something feminine and romantic about old fashioned corsets. They were the fashion workhorses of their time, pulling in loose muscles from having babies as well as the extra fat that came from a high starch diet which was often consumed in those days. They certainly served their purpose, and in many cases too well. There were many deaths related to women wearing corsets because corsets cut off blood and oxygen flow to vital organs, eventually causing organ failure. A large price to pay to look good, don’t ya think?

Fortunately, shapewear has come a long way in terms of comfort and safety. In fact, the shapewear of today is down right comfortable. It holds you in just enough to feel supported, and gives your muscles a hand, while making you look tight and smooth.

Check out this little number for holiday…..

Goes under your dress, smoothes out the chunkiness, if you know what I mean…

…and how about this for every day muffintop makeover?

How sexy is that for a girdle? It’s a thong, BTW. :)

Yep. And how much would your hubby freak out if you undressed and had this on underneath?…

Now that’s what I’m talkin about, serves two purposes, helps your muffintop and your love life.

These are from one of my favorite companies, Yummie Tummie……Check em out,

Thank goodness we have such beautiful stuff to help us look great in our clothes, but what about when we are are in our swim suits or birthday suits??


Here is where you come in. You only live once, and how old are you? Remember my words, THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR LOVED ONES IS TO BE HEALTHY….

My next post will be about healthy habits for optimal muffintop control. Between now and then, keep a journal of everything you eat and drink as well as your sleep times and quality and your exercise. OK? the first step in changing habits is knowing what habits need changing. You with me? This is in preparation for our Muffintop Makover challenge coming in January.  Please share this will your friends so they can join in too… and, hey, when they subscribe to this blog and tell me you sent them you just might win a juicer! There is still time (ends Friday the 16th at 10 pm) and the people in the lead so far only have a few referrals, so it’s still doable! Wouldn’t you love to have a juicer to help you get through the Muffintop Challenge?? :)

Thanks, friends, for your support and participation, let’s have fun! :)





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