The Seventh Day of Christmas

The Seventh Day of Christmas



Well, here we are, just a few days from Christmas, and I am certainly feeling the crunch. Can you say STRESS?? Not to worry, though, I am taking time to enjoy the season daily and reminding myself that this is not about me, nor is it about fancy gifts, fancy food, decorations, or parties. While all of these are present in my world, I am doing a good job of reminding myself of the true reason for the season…


There are many paths to God, and whether your celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, both, or none of the above, you are a person with a soul who has to rely on faith, hope, and trust to get through this life. Whether or not you a believer, you BELIEVE. You have to. You are here and your existence is not by chance. So unless you have all the answers, you must have some level of spiritual faith. It’s that faith, that belief in something greater than yourself that you cannot see, that can be an amazing source of strength and guidance in your life.

I happen to be a giant believer. You know why? Because I have discovered through my own personal journey that it works. Big time. Relying on something greater than myself has changed my life. And I know one thing is for certain, there are some things we are just not supposed to know. I am ok with that. I feel it’s my place, humbly, to stay open to all possibilities. I love learning about different approaches to faith. FAITH, in itself, is a rocking word. Believing in something you can’t see….is that not the ultimate surrender of ego? Find what resonates with you and work it baby… if it’s right, you will experience a life of ease, you will see battles dissolve, and the way to your purpose will unfold. True story.

After I became ill, not only did I have a nutritional awakening, but I also had a spiritual awakening. It started with The Secret (Lord knows I needed it, literally) and continued into the Course in Miracles, the Bible, and anything else I could get my hands on that would further my spiritual growth. I found my path on my own, when I was ready, open and willing to look beyond myself to something greater than me.

SPIRIT AWAKENED…..That inner voice that I had always second guessed or ignored. That intuitive gift, spiritual concierge, I like to call it. I was wired with it all along, but the switch was turned off. I had not known it was there or how to turn it on.  I was running on an auto pilot switch called me, myself, and I, and as soon as I realized my greatest source of support was from something I can’t see, miracles started to happen….


The miracle, for me, has been finding my purpose and my passion…. fulfillment that I had not experienced when my spiritual health was being ignored…

So what does this have to do with muffintops? Just know that true health involves practices and disciplines that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Every ounce of that muffintop of yours was created due to some sort of an imbalance of these three. When your habits attend to the harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, your body composition will be a beautiful testiment to a balanced life.

Mind = thoughts of love, positivity, abundance, self-worth.

Body = fed by nourishing foods from the earth, the way it was designed to be fed. Functional movement.

Spirit = connecting with something greater than yourself as a source of guidance, growth, and strength.

This season is about connecting with spirit and expressing gratitude for our existence. If you are celebrating Christmas, I hope you will be reminded this is about the birth of Jesus Christ, and what his life here on earth meant for us.

Each time I sit down to write, I ask God to guide me. Today I had planned to write about gift ideas for Christmas. After the first paragraph, that inner voice took over and this is what we got. My message of health today is about nourishment of the spirit.

Blessings of the season,


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5 thoughts on “The Seventh Day of Christmas

  1. sheila says:

    beautifully written…thank you for this testimonial and are a gift to the world.

  2. Leslie Murphy says:

    I LOVE what you wrote! sent 11:11am….one of my favorite numbers….One of my favorite quotes from Albert Enstein is, “To live in the presence of that which we can not understand or grasp, brings supreme joy”…..

    awesome post Heather…..keep it up!

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