Ready to ditch the girdle?

Time to Ditch the Girdle!


This is it, friends, time to ditch the girdles and put on our pretty girl panties for 2012….

If there were ever a year for you to make positive change, this is it.


The past few years have been rough, and during rough times, it’s not uncommon to ignore our health. Whether it’s finances, lack of time, depression, or distraction, stressful circumstances can make it harder to focus on our health….Stress causes disease, and STRESS CAUSES MUFFINTOP.


Yep, one constant is change, and shift is happening.  We are realizing we should not take things for granted. Not our jobs, our money, our relationships, and, most importantly, NOT OUR HEALTH.

A new year is always a time to reflect, but this year seems to have a little bit more enthusiasm behind it. I think this is because people are starting to let go of their fear….  They are coming out of their unstable circumstances (or learning to deal with them) and starting to put the pieces of the puzzle back together with a new, smarter perspective about what’s important in life….


You are SMART and INTUITIVE. You know that eating processed and sugary foods makes you feel tired and cranky. You know that the skinny carmel latte you order from Starbucks is adding to your muffintop, even though it’s called skinny. You know that not exercising right and not sleeping well is aging you and adding to your muffintop. You also know that stress affects your hormones, and that all of these things are the reason why you have a muffin that grows more and more each year…and you also know that you need to do something about it.


Addictions, such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can cause disease over time.  Your muffintop is just the early warning symbol of greater issues, so believe me when I tell you that HEATHY IS THE NEW SKINNY. You need to get healthy from the inside out in order to lose your muffintop. Your muffintop says, “I have had a lot of stress, lack of proper sleep, too many carbs and sugar, and not enough muscle building exercise.” Every muffin has a story behind it, what’s yours?


Hear this, muffin mates, life is too short to hide behind your habits…every day creates an imprint on your health. Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. Whether you are a highly disciplined rockstar, or a relatively weak wannabe, you still need a plan for becoming healthy from the inside out, we all do, and we all need support in staying that way.

2012 is our bi***, muffinistas, and YOU are going to dominate your weaknesses, because you CAN. You are important, and the best thing you can do for your family is to BE HEALTHY. I have seen way too many moms leave their children due to disease, and we need to do what we can to prevent that from happening. You are getting healthy, your muffin is going bye bye, and we are going to do this together….

So here’s the plan:

Join our healthy living book club, because knowledge is power. If you are reading healthy books each month, trying the recipes, and adopting a healthier way of life, it will be come a habit, and at the end of the year you will be living a much healthier lifestyle, and so will your family.

1) “like” our fan page, because that is where the action is…

2) Add yourself to our facebook group (Muffintop Makeover Book Group). This is different from the fan page. The book group is a forum for all book club members to discuss the books, etc….The fan page is where announcements and misc. information is shared.

3) Subscribe to this blog. We have awesome guest bloggers in line, such as authors of the books we will be reading, other top health and fitness experts, and even a celebrity sighting or two ;0… and last, but not least,  a senior level fashion designer consulting us on muffintop fashion. :)

4) Form a healthy living book club of your own, because studies show that healthy people hang out with healthy people, and conversely, people with poor habits hang out with people with poor habits. True story. You can download the cool invite for this from our fan page to send to your friends. Meet once a month to share goals, discuss books, sample recipes, and more…

So stick around in 2012, we are going to get inspired, have fun, and make incredible changes together.

Please share this with your friends by clicking on the facebook link below…your friends will be glad you did so they can join us as we….

Yours in excitement and gratitude,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

8 thoughts on “Ready to ditch the girdle?

  1. wendy owen says:

    You are amazing!!!!! Not only are you an amazing nutritionist, but you are an amazing writer!!! Thanks for all your words, I so enjoy hearing from you :-) Can’t wait to get started this year with a healthier way of living.

  2. Tammy Walker says:

    Wow I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful informative information!

  3. Anna Rocks says:

    Hi Heather!

    What a great idea! I have shared this with my Magnolia Moms Book Club. :) I love the first book! Thank you for continuing to inspire others.

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