Morning Makeover #1

Morning Makeover


OK, Muffinista’s, it’s time to take a look at your morning routine…..We absolutely CANNOT make over your muffintop without getting THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY straight!

Breakfast in America is one of the main reasons why Americans have developed muffintops. Now I’m not just talking about a bit of excess fat or roundness, round people have been around for many centuries, and when in the right place and right porportion, a bit of fat is not such a bad thing. I’m talking about the type of fat specific to the mid-section that is present unproportionally to other areas of the body.  This type of fat poses specific health risks and is accompanied by certain biochemical markers such as insulin resistance, high cortisol, poor liver functioning and more.

BREAKFAST in America needs a major MAKEOVER and here are my TOP 5 REASONS WHY…

1) Breakfast foods in America are laden with simple carbohydrates and sugar. #sugarfeedsmuffintop

2) Breakfast is the meal where the most processed foods are consumed. Hot and cold cereals, boxed bars, pop tarts, yogurts, and even many of the meats, dairy and eggs are processed and poor quality.

3) Breakfast is the meal that is most often skipped, yet, it’s the most important time to fuel your body.

4) Morning is the time when you need an abundance of micro and macro nutrients to support your metabolism and daily activity.

5) The first meal you eat each day sets the pace for how your body will manage blood sugar the rest of the day.

THE AMERICAN BREAKFAST BITES THE BEGAL….There, I said it.  Trust me, nothing good is going to come out of you eating a Yoplait Yogurt or a Carnation Instant Breakfast bar… and don’t even get me started on the fake breakfast meats, and soy products. Not only are most breakfast foods lacking the good stuff, they also give you the bad stuff, too..Yipee, double whamy!


EAT DINNER FOR BREAKFAST…Assuming your dinner is healthy and composed of good quality protein, fat, and complex carbs….(I’m not talking about pasta and garlic bread here)

BTW, when I say carb, I mean low glycemic veggies, fruits, and certain grains in moderation, such as brown rice and quinoa. Whole, sprouted, organic, grainy breads in moderation as well….

Dump the cereals and eat REAL FOOD. Meat and veggies. Yep, seriously, change your mindset if you think you need to eat some sort of grain for breakfast. Most grains in America are crap. They come from leached soils, are genetically modified (which is freaky in itself) ,and deliver little nutritional value. They are also pro inflammatory, which can cause discomfort in joints and contribute to other health issues. You are much better off getting your nutrients from vegetable and fruit sources, nuts, seeds, etc… A good book to read on this subject is Inflammation Nation.

HEAR THIS: We way over-consume grains in America, and we’ve got the muffintops to prove it. I’m not saying don’t eat any, I am saying you need to take the time to get educated about how and when to eat them in your diet. I go into this more in my book, because grains are reaping havoc on peoples health in America. Another good book is called Dangerous Grains….

ABOUT EGGS….Eggs are a great source of protein, amino acids, bvitamins, and healthy fat. Don’t let anyone tell you not to eat the YOLK.  Bad cholesterol in your diet comes from unhealthy fats and lack of movement, among other things, but not from dietary cholesterol.

I heart eggs, but unfortunately, many people are developing sensitivities to them due to over consumption and poor gut health. Again, something I go into further in my book, but for now, eat your eggs, but try to rotate them in your diet every few days to avoid developing sensitivities….

My mini optimal breakfast food list for you:

lean organic meats, including herring and canned fish

eggs                                                           nut butters

seasonal vegetables                            nuts and seeds

seasonal fruit                                         beans

Healthy fats – avocado, coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil, butter in moderation

Smoothies with high quality whey protein powder, greens, coconut milk, flax seeds, and a million other great things that I will share with you as we go along…I heart smoothies because they are such a great way to load nutrients into your body…Stay tuned to next week when I post some great nutrient smoothie recipes.

Tomatoes, sprouts, greens, fresh veggie juices with protein on the side

Alright, you can have grains in moderation… organic, sprouted, gluten free is best..swedish rye crackers topped with protein and fat, slow cooked cereals with protein and fat.

PAY ATTENTION, this is IMPORTANT…every time you eat, be SURE to combine protein with healthy carb and fat.  They are best friends and don’t let one be without the others.  This will keep your blood sugar happy and healthy, it will help prevent cravings, and will help you to avoid storing fat around the mid-section…..

Well, gotta wrap up for today….I will continue next time with more morning routine, so stay tuned…

Also, a few new surprises coming next week, including details about the muffintop makeover challenge, book club, and new additions to the site.

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So glad you are here,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC



9 thoughts on “Morning Makeover #1

  1. Annie says:

    LOVE this post!!! What great advice you have!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and continuing to inspire others.

  2. Sue Albano says:

    I’ve been eating ORGANIC Swiss Chard and Beets for breakfast….Feeling sooo good. Your posts are informative and inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Sandra says:

    I can’t quite understand how folks can be so silly as to think sugar and processed goodies are healthy! I don’t care how many organic products they are made from (Costco sells organic pop-tarts!). How can you send your kids off to school without some protein and fruits and vegetables!

    • muffintopmakeover says:

      Sandra, You are a great example of someone who takes time to prepare REAL FOOD. I think the fact that your 6’4 son is such an amazing athlete and student is a great testament to they way you eat in your home!

  4. Sandra says:

    Wish I could take credit for Elliot’s success, the one thing I did correctly was introduce him to EA. What he did do perfectly was call EA to teach him to ride a bike! That was kind of precious and I don’t think EA and Elliot will forget that one. Now the student is larger and stronger than the teacher.

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