…and the winner of the Muffintop Makeover is…

Hello everyone!

Heather here, with a great big THANK YOU to all who participated in our Muffintop Makeover contest!

You are all AWESOME and I hope you will continue to follow and participate in our Muffintop community because I have so many great things planned for us!

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming in March…

In addition to our healthy living book club,  we will also have a Muffintop Makeover facebook group called “The Girdle”… a different kind of muffintop support… A great way to connect with others who are following the Muffintop Makeover program.

You will also be able to access my “What Kind of Muffin are You” Quiz and  muffintop program which is made up of “lessen” plans which will be up next week for ALL of us to use!

Wednesdays will be dedicated to helping YOU.

“What kind of muffin are you Wednesdays” will focus on the seven ingredients that make up your muffintop. You will learn how sleep, stress, diet, exercise, toxins, hormones, and blood sugar all contribute to that wonderful muffin of yours and tips and advice will be given in these posts to help you along your program.

Makeover Mondays

Beginning in March, Makeover Monday’s will be dedicated to stories shared by our Makeover followers. If you like to write, and feel inspired to share your journey, this is your chance to help others by being one of our Makeover Guest Bloggers!

By reading our Makeover Monday posts, you will be inspired and motivated by others to keep going throughout the week. The Girdle, will also be a valuable daily support tool for you….

Fashion Fridays

I also have a fashion contributor, Albie Edwards, who will be joining us next week! She is a fashion designer and has designed clothing for Levi’s and other big names.  We are so lucky to have her joining the team to keep us looking fun and hip while we work off our muffintops!

She is incredibly inspiring and will be here to satisfy our clothing sweet tooths…and just wait till you see the delicious fashion eye candy she has in store for us! (hint: the cutest muffintop tees you’ve ever seen… to die for!!)

Makeover Monday’s, What Kind of Muffin Are You Wednesday’s, and Fashion Friday’s……from shapewear to tabatas, we’ve got ya covered!! So stay tuned!!

NOW,  lets all give a big congrats to our Muffintop Makeover contest winner Rachael Loverage! We also have a runner up prize of a 30 day Muffintop Makeover going to Pamela Bennett Arnett! Congratulations to you both and I look forward to working along side both of you over the next few months!!

And to the rest of the amazing women who joined the contest, YOU HAD ME AT MUFFINTOP…..I hope to hear from you and see you right here as we continue making over our muffintops!

All good things,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

<3 Heather

Muffintop Product Pick of the Week!

CarniClear Liquid

It’s Here!!!

My cart is finally here, and I’m so excited to finally be able to bring the Muffintop Makeover program to life!

Meet CarniClear….your new best friend, and mine. This is a super high quality minty tasting metabolic enhancing liquid. Just add it to your bottled water and sip on it for increased fat burning, brain support, and so much more….The maker, Designs for Health, is a top professional only brand. It can’t be found in stores, only through professionals. The quality and effectiveness of this company is among the top in the country.  I have used it for 10 years, among other brands, and they continue to surpass all with their science first philosophy, research, and education.  My muffintop protocols will be using these high quality supplements, because they get results!

SO, you can check out the cart, which is to the right of this post, just click on the Designs for Health button(or click here). It has products that support fat burning, hormones, blood sugar regulation, daily maintenance, stress, sleep, and anything else that affects muffintop. I also have a section called MTshakeology, which has loads of yummy items that go into shakes for maximum nutritional support. I will be uploading lots of shake recipes that will explain how to use the various products for fat burning, etc…

We are almost there! I will be uploading the quiz very soon, so you can learn what kind of muffin you are. :)

I am also available to do email and phone consults to help you to determine the best products for you. Just email me at heather@muffintopmakeover.com

Thanks for being here and for being part of my Muffintop Makeover community. I am so glad to be of help and to know you.

Healthy regards,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

….and the Muffintop Makeover contest candidates are…..

So Proud of you all!!


Phew!!  That was REALLY REALLY hard!

30+ AMAZING women sharing their stories of inspiration and hope….what’s a woman to do?

Well, being the crafty minded muffintista that I am, I decided to choose more than 5 candidates, for starters, and here they are….(come back here after you check them out)

Our Candidates

"I" think U R AMAZING!

Call me crazy, but I had no idea how MOVED I would be by this experience of having to choose….. Seriously, ALL 30 we’re amazing, and I felt awful having to choose!

But there is some good news! Beginning next week, I will have this blog operating as a fully (well almost fully) functioning site. I will have the Muffintop Makeover program available online, for those who are ready to make the change. I’m so excited!

So stop back next week and check out our muffintop makeover program, and  see who the lucky winner of our Muffintop Makeover is! Meanwhile, support these amazing women by casting your vote by clicking on the link above.

All good things,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Heather <3


Wedding Makeover!

Wedding Makeover

Coming Soon!

Our new sister site!

Wedding Makeover!

with Nutrition Expert Heather Morgan, MS, NLC…

Lose weight, be healthy, look vibrant.

30, 60, 90 day programs….

BRIDES: to inquire about a wedding makeover, email heather@muffintopmakeover.com

Website coming march 1, 2012


Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Muffintop Sweetie <3

Love Handles

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, eat this salad, and your muffin will thank you!

mixed greens, candied pecans, goats cheese, beets

 Roses are red, gardenias are white, make this for your husband, and he will surely treat you right!

cook the egg in the cutter then cut the bread with it!

Roses are red, muffintops are horrible, check out these figs, aren’t they adorable?!

I heart figs!

Roses are red, violets are bright, it takes two minutes to make this bowl of delight!

lobster, avocado, grapefruit compote, Martha Stewart

 Roses are red, lemonheads are tart, I hope you’ve enjoyed this, from the bottom of my heart <3

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Thanks for stopping by Muffintop Makeover. Check back next week, my muffintop makeover program will be here! Check out last weeks post below to see how you can win a 90 day muffintop makeover!

 All good things,

Heather <3


Win a Muffintop Makeover 90 day weight loss program!!!

Welcome to Muffintop Makeover!

How would you like to be the lucky winner of a 90 Day Muffintop Makeover?!

Yipee!! Cuz we’re giving one away!

Just tell us why you want a Muffintop Makeover and you could receive a full assessment of your metabolism, including potential areas of fat loss resistance, all necessary nutritional supplements from Designs for Health, a high quality line of professional brand supplements, nutrition and fitness guidance for 90 days, and a $100 gift certificate from Yummie Tummie, the coolest shapewear on the planet!

Here’s what  you need to do:

1) subscribe to this blog by entering your email into the subscribe box in the top right corner of this site.

2) Go to our facebook fan page, “like” it, and tell us why you want to get rid of your muffintop…..www.facebook.com/muffintopmakeover

Feel free to post a video!  Creativity goes a long way, but it’s your COMMITMENT that will win you the makeover!!

I will read all of your comments, along with my MM fitness and fashion contributors, and we will announce the top 5 candidates next Friday, February 17th.

Candidates will be chosen based on their desire and readiness for change,  level of commitment, and uniqueness of story….

Once the top five candidates are established, we will then ask our followers to vote for 1 of the 5 candidates. All votes will be tallied the following Friday, and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 24th!

Thanks for joining in, muffin friends, I look forward to hearing your story and hopefully making over your muffintop with you!

Good Luck!!

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Nutrition Coach



Interview with the authors of best seller, Naked Calories

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Muffintop Makeover.  If you have not already joined our healthy living book club for 2012, it’s not too late! Just go to our facebook “group” and join in! http://www.facebook.com/groups/332028896820837/

We’re reading this years top healthy living books, and this month’s book is a MUST READ for everyone! It’s Naked Calories, by Mira and Jayson Calton.  I have come to know this dynamic couple, and must say the world is better because of them!

Mira and Jayson Calton

I had the pleasure of interviewing this amazing duo yesterday, live on my radio show at SUN FM 91.3, Sonoma, and here’s some of what they had to say…….

Muffintop Makeover Q&A with Mira and Jayson Calton, Naked Calories

1) What are naked calories?

Jayson: Food has two primary components. First, there are calories, which are comprised of MACROnutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats – and secondly they contain MICROnutrients, which are our vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and other accessory micronutrients. Naked Calories are created when the MICROnutrients are somehow stripped away from the calorie due to a variety of different reasons such as food processing, factory farming and cooking methods. This leaves us with nutritionally impaired food, which we call “Naked Calories.”

2) How do naked calories contribute to muffintop?

Mira: Naked Calories don’t supply your body enough of the essential micronutrients that can help you keep that muffin top at bay.  For example, women who don’t get enough vitamin D are on average 16.3 pounds heavier than those sufficient…a muffintop for sure!  That is because vitamin D is essential for the production of leptin, the hormone that lets you know you are full.  But, its not just vitamin D that can help that control weight. In studies women who supplemented with Omega3 reduced their weight more than 20 percent when compared to a placebo. Additionally, supplementation with omega-3 can reduce the body’s stress-induced production of cortisol by 22 percent. In fact, in a study at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, individuals supplementing with omega-3 had significantly lower cortisol levels. These same test subjects were able to shed three and a half times more body fat, while increasing lean muscle mass.

There are studies on each of the micronutrients that prove just how effective and necessary they are to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. I would never want a client to try dieting without becoming micronutrient sufficient first. Sufficiency super-powers the body to make any diet more effective.

3) From a Naked Calories perspective, what do you feel is the ideal diet for a person trying to get rid of their muffintop?

Jayson: An ideal diet is a diet that is rich in micronutrients.  We believe that regardless of which dietary profile you chose to follow, the most important thing you can do for yourself, is to choose foods that follow our RICH FOOD, POOR FOOD philosophy which advocates eating an abundance of micronutrient rich foods and avoiding micronutrient poor foods in order to achieve optimal health through micronutrient sufficiency. Think of it as a new-and-improved method of food swapping, rather than choosing foods based on their fat, sodium or calorie content, we focus on the essential vitamins, minerals and EFAs in the food, and replace micronutrient-poor foods with micronutrient-rich food. Rich foods are natural, unprocessed, or minimally processed, high in micronutrient content, and help you to increase your micronutrient sufficiency level. Poor foods are often highly processed and are low or void of micronutrients. These foods are full of naked calories and provide an inadequate amount of essential micronutrients to maintain health. They can even rob our bodies of certain micronutrients increasing the likelihood of micronutrient deficiency. Our goal is to spread the message that processed, micronutrient-poor foods, filled with naked calories are detrimental for everyone – no matter what dietary philosophy you may follow. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, low fat, Mediterranean, paleo or low-carbohydrate dieter, following our rich food, poor food philosophy will help to maximize weight loss, prevent disease, and achieve optimal health.

4) Your top foods for muffintop control (fat burning)?

Mira: Your best bets for weight loss are any foods that are real foods. A 2010 study out of Pomona College in California determined that individuals eating rich real foods burned more calories than those eating poor processed foods. When individuals ate meals made of unprocessed, RICH foods they burn twice as many calories as similar meals made with highly processed, POOR foods. We think this is great news because not only will they help weight loss, but they taste a whole lot better as well.

For me personally, I start each day with a plain, yogurt that has no sugar in it, or any of that strange fake fruit stuff.  I know that my micronutrients need a clean healthy gut to be absorbed, and I want to make sure I have healthy gut bacteria promoting that absorption.  It starts me off knowing that I have done a little something every morning to make sure that my micronutrients can fight off that muffintop.

5) Most important take away from your book that you feel readers need to know….

“Your health is not something you biologically lose as you age. It is something you build or give away a little each day, in what you do, and what you don’t do.” —DR. JAYSON CALTON

Jayson: You can do it!  Your health is in your hands.  You have the potential power to improve your health and create a life for yourself worth living.  But you have to do something about it.  I say potential power because your knowledge will never improve your health, or the health of your loved ones, until you put it to use. It all comes down to one simple fact: knowledge is useless . . . unless we use it.

It comes down to the three simple steps we lay out in Naked Calories. By embracing the  HYPERLINK “http://caltonnutrition.com/nutrivore.aspx” Nutrivore lifestyle and following our easy 3-step program you will literally SUPERCHARGE the health benefits of what ever dietary philosophy you follow whether vegan, low carb, Mediterranean, paleo, vegetarian, low fat etc. Additionally, share your new knowledge.  After all, we are all in this together. Tell friends, family member and co-workers that their health is in their hands. Together we can make some real changes in the food system and with our combined numbers can demand change. It is time we all make micronutrient sufficiency the foundation of a global initiative that can protect us from the world’s most devastating health conditions and diseases, and usher in an age of optimal health.

There you have it, friends, from top selleing authors, Mira and Jayson Calton.  A big thanks to Mira and Jayson for sharing their wisdom with all of us over here at Muffintop Makeover! We wish you both much continued success!

See you back here soon!

 Heather Morgan, MS, NLC





Cavemen didn’t have muffintops…

Check it out, friends, it’s February, and we’re getting our PALEO on!

Ever wanted to gnaw on a bone, or harpoon a fish for dinner? OK, well you don’t have to do those things here, either, but you do get to make a dent in that muffintop of yours, as well as improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, energy, and mood by eating like a caveman for a month……how does that sound?

Then join our paleo diet challenge!

The Paleo Diet is not a fad diet. It has been around for 2.5 million years. It’s tried and true. It is the very diet you are desiged to eat, because it is the diet our bodies have evolved on for over two and a half million years. Unlike some of the other diets out there, there is no guess work as to whether or not it’s for you, as long as you are a human, genetically, it’s the healthiest way for you to eat.

Get this. We have only evolved .02% of a genome in the last 40,000 years! That means we are genetically still cavemen.  But about 10,000 years ago, we changed our way of eating when man found a way to domesticate livestock and cultivate agriculture. Before 10, 000 years ago, we ate what nature dictated.  We ate what we found as we hunted and gathered, based on what nature was providing to us at that time. When man started cultivating crops and dictating his own diet, it launched a way of eating that our bodies have yet to adapt to….consumption of dairy, corn, and other grains, to name a few….many of the foods people are most sensitive to in our culture today.

So why go back now?

Simply put, WE ARE STONE AGE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE SPACE AGE. Our bodies are still very much adapted to the hunter and gather way of life, and our current lifestyles are far from being in harmony with the lives of our paleolithic brethren. In fact, the differences are so drastic, that todays lifestyle threatens our very existence. If human life makes it another 1,000 years eating the way we we do today I would be surprised…..


So what do we do about it?

I am not so sure we can change the course of mankind at this point, but we can certainly have a positive impact in the right direction. What we put into our mouths can have a bigger impact on global civilization than we think.  With the way you chose to eat, you make choices about your health and the health of your family, as well as whether or not you support big industry and the very things that are taking this world down.  It all starts with what you eat….

What’s it ganna be, wild, fresh or local, or contribute to taking the world down by choosing convenience?

Forgive me if that sounds harsh, we are all in this together, there is no judgement here. I, too, am searching for the right balance. I think the obvious answer is a certain amount of both, working towards an 80/20 paleo/modern goal…..

Our paleo challenge is about helping you to learn how to be more “caveman” in your eating and consuming practices, yet it allows for the realities of our world today.

So here’s how it’s going down:

Go to our facebook group page for details on how you can get started: http://www.facebook.com/groups/219830271442588/

You can chose between 3 levels of commitment: 1 regular “modern” meal per week of your choice, and the rest Paleo, 2 “modern” meals per week, and the rest paleo, or 3 “modern” meals per week, and the rest paleo…. so you have a realistic start to learning to incorporate a more nautral diet into our lifestyle. it’s not all or none, it’s baby steps.

YOU GOT THIS….I hope you will join us and please tell your friends and family. It’s much easier to do with the support of others. :)

By joining, you will get a getting starter kit that has food lists, meal plans, a resource guide, and other info to introduce you to a paleo lifestyle….you also get weekly guidance by me via email or facebook group as well as the support of our fellow cavefriends…

The cost for materials and guidance is $25. paid through pay pal by using email hmorgannutrition@aol.com. Once payment is received I will email you materials.

Look forward to seeing you over at our facebook paleo challenge page! :)

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Heather :)