Cavemen didn’t have muffintops…

Check it out, friends, it’s February, and we’re getting our PALEO on!

Ever wanted to gnaw on a bone, or harpoon a fish for dinner? OK, well you don’t have to do those things here, either, but you do get to make a dent in that muffintop of yours, as well as improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, energy, and mood by eating like a caveman for a month……how does that sound?

Then join our paleo diet challenge!

The Paleo Diet is not a fad diet. It has been around for 2.5 million years. It’s tried and true. It is the very diet you are desiged to eat, because it is the diet our bodies have evolved on for over two and a half million years. Unlike some of the other diets out there, there is no guess work as to whether or not it’s for you, as long as you are a human, genetically, it’s the healthiest way for you to eat.

Get this. We have only evolved .02% of a genome in the last 40,000 years! That means we are genetically still cavemen.  But about 10,000 years ago, we changed our way of eating when man found a way to domesticate livestock and cultivate agriculture. Before 10, 000 years ago, we ate what nature dictated.  We ate what we found as we hunted and gathered, based on what nature was providing to us at that time. When man started cultivating crops and dictating his own diet, it launched a way of eating that our bodies have yet to adapt to….consumption of dairy, corn, and other grains, to name a few….many of the foods people are most sensitive to in our culture today.

So why go back now?

Simply put, WE ARE STONE AGE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE SPACE AGE. Our bodies are still very much adapted to the hunter and gather way of life, and our current lifestyles are far from being in harmony with the lives of our paleolithic brethren. In fact, the differences are so drastic, that todays lifestyle threatens our very existence. If human life makes it another 1,000 years eating the way we we do today I would be surprised…..


So what do we do about it?

I am not so sure we can change the course of mankind at this point, but we can certainly have a positive impact in the right direction. What we put into our mouths can have a bigger impact on global civilization than we think.  With the way you chose to eat, you make choices about your health and the health of your family, as well as whether or not you support big industry and the very things that are taking this world down.  It all starts with what you eat….

What’s it ganna be, wild, fresh or local, or contribute to taking the world down by choosing convenience?

Forgive me if that sounds harsh, we are all in this together, there is no judgement here. I, too, am searching for the right balance. I think the obvious answer is a certain amount of both, working towards an 80/20 paleo/modern goal…..

Our paleo challenge is about helping you to learn how to be more “caveman” in your eating and consuming practices, yet it allows for the realities of our world today.

So here’s how it’s going down:

Go to our facebook group page for details on how you can get started:

You can chose between 3 levels of commitment: 1 regular “modern” meal per week of your choice, and the rest Paleo, 2 “modern” meals per week, and the rest paleo, or 3 “modern” meals per week, and the rest paleo…. so you have a realistic start to learning to incorporate a more nautral diet into our lifestyle. it’s not all or none, it’s baby steps.

YOU GOT THIS….I hope you will join us and please tell your friends and family. It’s much easier to do with the support of others. :)

By joining, you will get a getting starter kit that has food lists, meal plans, a resource guide, and other info to introduce you to a paleo lifestyle….you also get weekly guidance by me via email or facebook group as well as the support of our fellow cavefriends…

The cost for materials and guidance is $25. paid through pay pal by using email Once payment is received I will email you materials.

Look forward to seeing you over at our facebook paleo challenge page! :)

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Heather :)

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