…and the winner of the Muffintop Makeover is…

Hello everyone!

Heather here, with a great big THANK YOU to all who participated in our Muffintop Makeover contest!

You are all AWESOME and I hope you will continue to follow and participate in our Muffintop community because I have so many great things planned for us!

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming in March…

In addition to our healthy living book club,  we will also have a Muffintop Makeover facebook group called “The Girdle”… a different kind of muffintop support… A great way to connect with others who are following the Muffintop Makeover program.

You will also be able to access my “What Kind of Muffin are You” Quiz and  muffintop program which is made up of “lessen” plans which will be up next week for ALL of us to use!

Wednesdays will be dedicated to helping YOU.

“What kind of muffin are you Wednesdays” will focus on the seven ingredients that make up your muffintop. You will learn how sleep, stress, diet, exercise, toxins, hormones, and blood sugar all contribute to that wonderful muffin of yours and tips and advice will be given in these posts to help you along your program.

Makeover Mondays

Beginning in March, Makeover Monday’s will be dedicated to stories shared by our Makeover followers. If you like to write, and feel inspired to share your journey, this is your chance to help others by being one of our Makeover Guest Bloggers!

By reading our Makeover Monday posts, you will be inspired and motivated by others to keep going throughout the week. The Girdle, will also be a valuable daily support tool for you….

Fashion Fridays

I also have a fashion contributor, Albie Edwards, who will be joining us next week! She is a fashion designer and has designed clothing for Levi’s and other big names.  We are so lucky to have her joining the team to keep us looking fun and hip while we work off our muffintops!

She is incredibly inspiring and will be here to satisfy our clothing sweet tooths…and just wait till you see the delicious fashion eye candy she has in store for us! (hint: the cutest muffintop tees you’ve ever seen… to die for!!)

Makeover Monday’s, What Kind of Muffin Are You Wednesday’s, and Fashion Friday’s……from shapewear to tabatas, we’ve got ya covered!! So stay tuned!!

NOW,  lets all give a big congrats to our Muffintop Makeover contest winner Rachael Loverage! We also have a runner up prize of a 30 day Muffintop Makeover going to Pamela Bennett Arnett! Congratulations to you both and I look forward to working along side both of you over the next few months!!

And to the rest of the amazing women who joined the contest, YOU HAD ME AT MUFFINTOP…..I hope to hear from you and see you right here as we continue making over our muffintops!

All good things,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

<3 Heather

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