Time to make over your liver!

Helllloooooo Spring!

It’s April, friends, and we have work to do!

So here’s the deal. If you want to make over that muffintop of yours in time for bikini weather, we need to start with making over your liver.

Yep, thats right. Mid-section fat is often created to store excess toxins that that are overwhelming the liver. I have worked in the weight loss and fat burning arena for 10 years, and one thing I can tell you for sure is if you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to have a well functioning liver.

April is the perfect time to love your liver. It is a time when your body is naturally detoxifying in an effort to mobilize fat stores for extra caloric needs during longer day light hours. Physical demands on the body typically increase with increased sunlight, and the body starts cleaning house in preparation for duty. So this is the perfect time to do a liver cleanse and to adopt clean diet in order to clear toxins and get our liver healthy. The end result will be one happy metabolism ready to take on fat burning.

So here is where you need to listen up big time.

There are a million detox and cleansing programs out there. I have tried many of them and researched most. Here is what I know about liver cleanses:

1) You gotta remove all toxic foods and beverages from your diet for several weeks.

2) You gotta get loads of the right kinds of nutrients that support phase II of the liver pathways for safe clearing of the toxins released during the cleanse. This includes sulfur containing amino acids and other nutrients that will upregulate the livers detoxifying ability.  Note: this is why juice fasting isn’t effective when doing a liver cleanse!

3) You gotta give it enough time for the body to shift into action and complete the job. You are looking at 3-4 weeks to get the job done. It took you how long to get this toxic? So expecting your body to clear all toxins in 5 days in not realistic for most people.

4) You need to be good to your self during this time. The body is so friggin smart, it will respond by cleansing all toxic baggage, including emotions.

5) You need to eat! Liquid fasting only stresses the body out and makes you want to store more fat. Consuming a diet of clean, healthy foods, in addition to liver cleansing shakes is the way to go.

6) Liver cleansing should be repeated spring and fall for optimum health, and can also be used as maintenance if needed.

Ready for a liver makeover?

So here is the most effective liver cleanse on the market. It’s the one I prefer to use on myself and with clients.  It involves drinking 2 shakes a day that are loaded with liver supportive nutrients and the right balance of micro and macro nutrients for optimal health and blood sugar regulation. You also eat a clean, healthy meal each day with snacks as needed.

You can order the 2 cleansing products right here on this site. The description, directions, and information for the cleanse will be emailed to you at no cost after you order the two products, which are PALEO CLEANSE and PALEO MEAL DF (the larger size). You can order them both here http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/index.php/cleanse.html  Once you have ordered your products, email me at heather@muffintopmakeover.com so I can give you the directions to the cleanse.

Not only is addressing the liver the best way to lose weight and kickstart fat burning, it helps your health in many other ways too. By reducing your toxic burden, you help prevent cancer, inflammation, and other disease processes. No doubt, toxins in the body contribute to both fat gain and disease.

ALL of my Muffintop Makeover programs begin with a liver cleanse.  This is because we want our bodies to cooperate when it comes to fat burning.  The body is not going to let go of fat if the liver is toxic. Period. End of story.

So join us this month in making over your liver! You will lose weight and look and feel great! Let me know you are on board so I can send you the instructions!

Thanks for stopping by today and see you soon!



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