May Book Club Picks!

Ohhhhh, you have NOOOO IDEA how excited I am for May’s books!!

Two books by two very RAD chicks who know how to live the good life, and yet, be healthy….and,oh, did I mention be stylish?

Yep, these ladies both rock a healthy lifestyle, yet they bring many cool and different things (pun intended) to the table…. and the best part is, they do it with style and fun, just like we do over here at Muffintop Makeover! We likey!!!

So go out, my muffin friends, and get these books. We’ll be chattin’ em up over at our facebook group page dedicated to this book club at, so if you haven’t added yourself to that group be sure to do so!

First up:

Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson

 You will love learning about the paleo lifestyle, and how it can help you to become one lean, mean, muffin-free machine. Cave women never looked so good!


The Eat, Drink, and be Gorgeous Project, by Esther Blum

She had me at Martini, and I’ve been a fan ever since. She’s the best friend I’ve never met!

Well, there you have it. May’s picks. I can’t wait to discuss these with you on Facebook!


See you soon,


Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

90 Days to sexy beast!

Hi there, Heather here….

Lots of great progress so far with those of you who are doing my 90 day Muffintop Makeover program. I am seriously so proud of each one of you who are dedicating your lives to living better. You are sacraficing short term for long term health and happiness for yourself, and for your families. You should be proud!

90 days. So much to do, so little time….

Can you really get rid of a muffin top in 90 days, let alone become a sexy beast?

Well, I have helped many people through health transformations and lets just say 90 days is the beginning of a life long process of healthy choices strung together, and somewhere along that string of choices you will meet your ideal body composition, and THAT is when your sexy beast will ROAR…

The amount of time this will take is different for everyone. It depends on your beginning health status and level of dedication to the program. There are also specific areas of potential weight loss resistance to be explored and addressed along the way – stress, sleep, toxic burden, blood sugar regulation, hormones, damaged metabolism from over training and crash dieting to name a few…

Many of these are automatically addressed by making healthier choices in life, and others need specific nutritional intervention strategies to help fix the imbalances.

That said…

The more you make the right choices, the quicker the results will come. The key is knowing what choices to make, and creating a situation for yourself that supports your ability to make those choices on a daily basis. That is where coaching comes in…

“It is not our lack of desire that sabotoges us, it is our lack of infrastructure to support healthy change”…

Think about that. How does your life’s “infrustructure” prevent you from making the right choices you know you need to get healthy? The foods in your house, the people you associate with, your work environment…are they supportive or prohibitive to your making good choices?

The most important 90 days of your life.

This is not an understatement. Your health and vitality is the most important thing you can own/experience in this life. Unfortunately,it does not come at an easy price. The typical American lifestyle does not make it easy to make this transformation, which is why coaching is so effective. Going from muffin top to sexy beast requires support, education, time, dedication, and even money to make the shift.

What does the 90 day Muffintop Makeover program involve?

The MMO90 is a guided program that involves a 30 day liver cleanse program that includes 2 shakes and one meal per day, followed by 60 days of a clean diet, education and supplements to support fat burning hormones and metabolic processes. There is much emphasis on assessment of your current lifestyle habits and potential areas of weight loss resistance, so that after the 90 days you are able to live your life with ease by making the right choices 80% of the time, leaving 20% for enjoyment.

90 days never tasted so good.

Once you get past the 90 days I teach you how to live an 80/20 lifestyle which allows for guilty pleasures in moderation. You’d be surprised how easy 80/20 is once you have “graduated” from my 90 day program.

Sexy beast or muffin top, what’s it ganna be?

For more information of how to get started, email me at

See y’all soon!


Heather Morgan, MS, NLC


Project MuffinTop


Cat and Gina, friends getting healthy together!

Hi there,

This is Cat and Gina.  They have been friends since elementary school, through thick and thin, (literally) and now, at the age of forty, they are both sick and tired of rockin muffintops and they are DETERMINED to get rid of them. They are incredibly inspiring and so much fun to follow!

Join their journey here….


They also have a facebook page…

Here is a sneak peak at their program:

30 day liver cleanse, 2 shakes a day with a healthy meal and snacks.  No dairy, gluten, corn, soy, processed or fake sugar, alcohol, coffee, processed or packaged food. Water, broth, organic herbal teas to drink.

(primarily organic fruits veggies, lean meats and healthy fats)

Why? Because you can’t lose weight rapidly and keep it off with a sluggish liver and a heavy toxic load.

Days 60-90 will continue the same eating program, removing the cleanse powder from the shake, and adding fat burning supplements.

Along with this will be lots of education about food quality, how to shop, cook, balance macro-nutrients, maximize micro-nutrients, read labels, and more…

We will also be making over their pantries in addition to their muffintops.  You can see this all on video at the above links, so please tune in and cheer these amazing women on!!

More soon!

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC