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Cat and Gina, friends getting healthy together!

Hi there,

This is Cat and Gina.  They have been friends since elementary school, through thick and thin, (literally) and now, at the age of forty, they are both sick and tired of rockin muffintops and they are DETERMINED to get rid of them. They are incredibly inspiring and so much fun to follow!

Join their journey here….


They also have a facebook page…

Here is a sneak peak at their program:

30 day liver cleanse, 2 shakes a day with a healthy meal and snacks.  No dairy, gluten, corn, soy, processed or fake sugar, alcohol, coffee, processed or packaged food. Water, broth, organic herbal teas to drink.

(primarily organic fruits veggies, lean meats and healthy fats)

Why? Because you can’t lose weight rapidly and keep it off with a sluggish liver and a heavy toxic load.

Days 60-90 will continue the same eating program, removing the cleanse powder from the shake, and adding fat burning supplements.

Along with this will be lots of education about food quality, how to shop, cook, balance macro-nutrients, maximize micro-nutrients, read labels, and more…

We will also be making over their pantries in addition to their muffintops.  You can see this all on video at the above links, so please tune in and cheer these amazing women on!!

More soon!

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC


One thought on “Project MuffinTop

  1. Gina P says:

    OMG!!! I love the support. Thank you oh so very much. You are such a fabulous person to help guide me on my journey. I truly feel blessed.

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