May Book Club Picks!

Ohhhhh, you have NOOOO IDEA how excited I am for May’s books!!

Two books by two very RAD chicks who know how to live the good life, and yet, be healthy….and,oh, did I mention be stylish?

Yep, these ladies both rock a healthy lifestyle, yet they bring many cool and different things (pun intended) to the table…. and the best part is, they do it with style and fun, just like we do over here at Muffintop Makeover! We likey!!!

So go out, my muffin friends, and get these books. We’ll be chattin’ em up over at our facebook group page dedicated to this book club at, so if you haven’t added yourself to that group be sure to do so!

First up:

Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson

 You will love learning about the paleo lifestyle, and how it can help you to become one lean, mean, muffin-free machine. Cave women never looked so good!


The Eat, Drink, and be Gorgeous Project, by Esther Blum

She had me at Martini, and I’ve been a fan ever since. She’s the best friend I’ve never met!

Well, there you have it. May’s picks. I can’t wait to discuss these with you on Facebook!


See you soon,


Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

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