Carnitine for your Muffintop


Hey everyone!

Ready to battle the bulge?! Yes, or Yes?! Ok, then, grab your girdles and strap on your corsettes, cuz we’re going after our muffintops! Our weapons?  An arsenol of healthy habits and the greatest metabolic support nutrient available…Carnitine……

Hellloooo Carnitine! Where you been all my life?

Here’s the deal about carnitine and why it should become your new best friend…

L-Carnitine, also known as the Metabolic Support Nutrient, in simplest terms, supports fat metabolism by assisting in the transport of fat (stored fat, dietary fat, and triglycerides) into the mitochondria where it is burned as fuel…yay fuel!  We like fuel, because that is energy!

Yep, and it also supports the preservation of lean body mass, especially during anarobic exercise and fat loss, which means it also help you to build and keep muscel. Yay muscles!  We like muscles!

It also helps the body tap into fat stores during exercise, more than sugar stores, so your exercise is more effective in burning fat. Go fat burning!  We like burning fat!

Carnitine also supports enhanced exercise performance, heart muscle and related conditions, normalization of blood lipids: triglycerides, HDL, Lp(a), in addition to supporting loads of other health aspects.

So how do ya take it? It is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Do not take too much in the beginning, as I may have a bit of a laxative effect. Best taken first thing in the morning and in between meals. It has an energizing effect, so best to avoid during the evenings.

High pharmaceutical standards of production ensure the highest purity and quality of Carnitine products, and here are my favorites:

Supersaturated L-Carnitine Liquid – CarniClear

    Carnitine Synergy Capsules

Carnitine Tartrate Powder


Thanks for stopping by today. Give Carnitine a try…your muffintop will thank you!

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

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