June Book Club Picks!

Hello everyone!

The timing for our first book could not be more PURRRRFECT, since I am sure you probably just read Fifty Shades of Grey… hee hee, a little hiding in the laundry room while we read did we??

It’s ok, your secret is safe with me. I applaud you. Nothing wrong with a little mommie porn in the form of a steamy novel once in a while, and besides, from a healthy living perspective, it must be of benefit. Exercising the brain, the imagination, and, well…who knows what else. 😉

Yeppers, Dr. Jen did us all a big favor when she cranked out this must have plan to fire up your libido, and the best part is  you can go out and buy it and use the excuse that your healthy living book club is reading it. :)

You’re welcome. 😉

The Sex Drive Solution for Women, Dr. Jennifer Landa

Next up, The New ME Diet.

That’s Metabolic Effect, and it is EFFECTIVE in helping you to understand how hormones play into weight management. These two guys, (brothers) totally speak my language and they even recommend the same nutritional supplement brand that I do, (but they put their own label on it), which was a closer for me. The book, it rocks for many reasons, but the main thing I love about it is the way they explain the metabolism in a way that is easy to understand. Of all the weight loss books out there, this one makes the most sense to me ….

The New ME Diet, Jade and Keoni Teta


It’s going to be a great month, so go get your books and I’ll see you over on our facebook group page to discuss at 



<3 Heather

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