July Book Club Picks!

Hello friends!

Here we are more than half way through the year and we have already read 12 awesome healthy living books! You must be one seriously smart and healthy person by now!

This months (July) picks are written by two leading health experts who I highly respect and admire.

The first one addresses one of the primary causes of muffintop, and one of the most serious health issues facing this country today….blood sugar imbalances.

The Blood Sugar Solution

Mark Hyman, MD

You are going to love this book and Dr Hyman! He is awesome! Also check him out on facebook. He has a great fan page that is full of lots of info…..

The second book is on a subject I think we can all relate too….

Are You Tired and Wired?

Marcelle Pick

It’s hard to live in todays society and not suffer from fatigue related to adrenal dysfunction. This is a life changer for sure!

OK, friends, go get these books and meet the book group over on facebook for discussion at


Have a great July everyone!

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC


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