A little muffin to go with that stress?

Hey everyone!

Is it me, or is time flying by faster than ever these days? My spring calendar is already packed and we’re still trying to find a way to fit more in! Really?!

Well, now might be a good time to understand the importance of slowing down, and how practicing certain daily repair activities can help us look and feel younger…oh, and help us to get rid of our muffintops!

A good healthy living regime should always involve time to rest and repair from the stress of our daily routines. Yes, there is a physiological response to prolonged stress that can have serious implications on our health, including our hormones, thyroid, blood sugar regulation, digestion, and much much, more. The good news, however, is that you can actually do a great deal to prevent the serious damage that can happen when under prolonged stress, INCLUDING AN INCREASE IN YOU EVER-LOVIN MUFFIN!

Yep, the biochemical response to stress also involves elevating cortisol, a stress hormone that signals fat storage as a protective mechanism when under stress. So if you have more muffin than your wantin and you have a lot of stress, you need to read on….

It’s all about the 3 ‘R’s”:  REST, REPLENISH, and REMOVE.

Stress comes in many forms. Poor diet, unhealthy emotions, being overwhelmed with too much on your plate, over exercising, poor sleep, exposure to toxic chemicals, and much more. Fact is, we all have stress, but how you manage the repair from the stress is the key to health living.

Rest – Do you get a minimum of eight solid hours of sleep per night? Do you take time to slow down and rest or nap each day for at least 30 minutes? Do you take days off between high intensity work outs, and limit high intensity work outs with a  short duration, bursting type of approach allowing for repair? Do you participate in energy GIVING exercise, such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation? Do you listen to your body when it’s tired and give it extra rest?

Replenish– Do you eat lots of antioxidants and micro-nutrients such as those found in fruits and vegetables? Do you eat lots of healthy fats, such as avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, and organic butter? Do you supplement with high quality B vitamins, Vitamin D, Co Q 10, Vitamin C and Zinc?

Another great supplement to help support repair is Protandim, which is a Nerf 2 activator, meaning it up-regulates our bodies own powerful antioxidants which are more powerful than antioxidants found in fruits such as blue berries.  http://www.mylifevantage.com/heathermorgan/default.aspx We burn through loads of vitamins and minerals when we are under stress, therefore we require a good amount to replenish on a daily basis. That is why every calorie you eat counts. Each calorie should be delivering health supportive nutrients to help you build back what you burned through while under stress. That is why we cannot afford to eat empty calories and packaged and processed foods that deliver little or no nutrition. Replenishing electrolytes with coconut water, tropical fruits, and even organic pickle juice can also be helpful.

I love Twice Daily Essential Packets for daily replenishing of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids…Learn more about them here…http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/twice-daily-essential-packets-60.html

Additional products to help you deal with stress in your daily life are:

B Supreme http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/b-supreme.html

Zinc Supreme http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/zinc-supreme.html

CoQ10 http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/coqnol-ubiquinol.html

And don’t forget, protein, protein, and more protein….

Remove – Obviously, you want to identify what the stressors in your life are and make a lifestyle plan to minimize them. I have found that this is very useful when I do this with my clients. Often they do not even realize the daily stressors they are experiencing and how it is affecting their health. Once you have identified the stressors in your life and made a plan to minimize them, you are able to manage the stressors you are unable to control much easier.

Eating foods you are intolerant to can also be a stressor on your body. These food sensitivities can lead to weight gain, endocrine disruption and many other health challenges. You can test for food intolerances through this web site. Just shoot me an email at heather@muffintopmakeover to have a test kit mailed to you.

Well, if you take nothing else away from this post, I hope it is the mind-set of REPAIR. That will help keep you looking and feeling younger. You are going to have stress, and you are going to age, but you do have a certain amount of CONTROL over the amount of breakdown that happens to you along the way.

REPAIR, people, REPAIR. Take your antioxidants, eat organic foods from the earth, drink lots of wather from a natural source, and sleep!

Ok, you have the mind-set, now focus and GO!!

Happy Spring, everyone!

 Heather Morgan, MS, NLC














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