14 Day Muffintop Cleanse!

Welcome to Muffintop Makeover!

The MTMO Plans (all three of them) begin with a 14 day Liver cleanse. Why? Because you cannot efficiently lose fat and keep it off without a healthy and well-working liver. By cleansing toxins from your body and up-regulating your liver, not only will you feel more energetic, alert, lighter, and less depressed, you will kick-start your fat burning systems making it easier to lose weight during the MTMO 30, 60, or 90 day program.

   This is a gentle cleanse designed to cleanse the Liver while supporting fat burning. You eat healthy, whole foods while avoiding dairy, sugar, gluten, corn, soy, coffee, alcohol, and other toxic or processed foods that might burden the liver. You replace two meals per day with shakes that are full of nutrients designed to support the liver and metabolic processes for optimal fat burning. You will receive a complete kit of instructions, food lists, and sample meal and snack ideas, along with the shake and liver supportive supplements. The entire kit only costs $125. (use 10% discount code MTMO10 to get that discount price). I have been leading groups using these products for years because they are by far the best quality and most effective. They are professional-only brand and cannot be purchased in stores, only through practitioners.

   We also have a group support page on facebook called The Girdle, a different kind of support for your muffintop, which is set up for you to give and receive support, ask questions, and get answers during the cleanse and going forward after the cleanse as well. It’s a great forum for sharing and keeping you on track during the year!

   YOU CAN DO THIS CLEANSE ON YOUR OWN ANY TIME! If you have a group of friends who want to do it with you I would be happy to lead by organizing a pre and post conference call for your group. Or, you can use my pre-recorded call which can now be accessed by calling (605) 475-4799. Access Code 578808#. Feel free to listen to it for a review of instructions for the cleanse, although it’s not necessary. The instructions are very easy to follow.

   Our community is growing and people look forward to participating in this cleanse several times per year. Please help me in  spreading the word about the cleanse and I will reward you with a free phone nutrition coaching session after the cleanse to keep you on the right track.

Here is what you do:

   Order your cleanse kit here http://muffintopmakeover.dfhealthestore.com/detox-14-day-kit-3.html. You can receive 10% off by using code MTMO10!!

   Refer 3 friends who purchase the kit and you will receive either a FREE 45 minute coaching sessions with me where I will provide you with a 30 day weight loss program to follow after the cleanse, or pre and post cleanse group con calls for your group.

This is the best way to kick start a health program for the new year, and then stay on track by joining our healthy living book club where we read one book a month on healthy living topics. Also stay connected to our support forum, THE GIRDLE, and visit our facebook page where you will see great health tips daily. My goal is to keep you on track for the entire year!

Glad you stopped by! I hope you will join our community cleanse and stick with us for support throughout 2013!

Yours in feeling and looking great in 2013,

 Heather <3














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