Muffintop Product Pick of the Week!

CarniClear Liquid

It’s Here!!!

My cart is finally here, and I’m so excited to finally be able to bring the Muffintop Makeover program to life!

Meet CarniClear….your new best friend, and mine. This is a super high quality minty tasting metabolic enhancing liquid. Just add it to your bottled water and sip on it for increased fat burning, brain support, and so much more….The maker, Designs for Health, is a top professional only brand. It can’t be found in stores, only through professionals. The quality and effectiveness of this company is among the top in the country.  I have used it for 10 years, among other brands, and they continue to surpass all with their science first philosophy, research, and education.  My muffintop protocols will be using these high quality supplements, because they get results!

SO, you can check out the cart, which is to the right of this post, just click on the Designs for Health button(or click here). It has products that support fat burning, hormones, blood sugar regulation, daily maintenance, stress, sleep, and anything else that affects muffintop. I also have a section called MTshakeology, which has loads of yummy items that go into shakes for maximum nutritional support. I will be uploading lots of shake recipes that will explain how to use the various products for fat burning, etc…

We are almost there! I will be uploading the quiz very soon, so you can learn what kind of muffin you are. :)

I am also available to do email and phone consults to help you to determine the best products for you. Just email me at

Thanks for being here and for being part of my Muffintop Makeover community. I am so glad to be of help and to know you.

Healthy regards,

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC